Our menus – the first one: logos…

Logos – there is no way around them. They are unavoidable. Everybody needs them – every single company have a logo. But why? Couldn’t we just talk about a company? Absolutely no. People are very visual. To give something easily remembered, make them to call us back, and make ourselfs to make great deals. But what are the reasons to call a logo great? They are very simple and perfect at the same time: memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate.
We think about everything during planning: is the logo good on white background? Black backround? Printable? Vector-oriented? Makes sense in a size 1 centimeter and 1 meter as well?

This is the first step of the planning, everything goes after logo. We are just layering all together, and use logo as a basement of the entire branding. We help our clients to choose the best and most relevant logo of their own styles, help to find the right message they want to deliver.

To design a logo is not easy – but every work is rewarding and profitable if can be used for decades or more, and visitors can memorize it.

Next week you can read about our next menu… it will be great, don’t miss it! 🙂